HIADS Profile : Elaine Simpson

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2001Habeas CorpusRehearsal Prompt
2000Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeLady Clementina Beauchamp
1998The Whales of AugustCast
1997Cider with Rosie (No Photos)Director
1996The House of Bernarda (No Photos)Director
1994Flare Path (No Photos)Director
1993Unexpected Tales/Stepping Out (No Photos)Director
1992Noah (No Photos)Director
1991Relative Values (No Photos)Cast
1990The Birthday Party (No Photos)Director
1990Confusions (No Photos)Mrs Pearce
1989Watcher in the Shadow (No Photos)Costumes and Wardrobe
1989The Day After The Fair (No Photos)Director
1988Wild Goose Chase (No Photos)Front of House
1988An Evening With Noel Coward (No Photos)Director
1988An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Sybil Birling
1987Let's Go Back To Christmas (No Photos)Cast
1987Hobson's Choice (No Photos)Director
1986Frankenstein (No Photos)Sophie
1984Snow White ... and how many dwarfs?Retainers
1984Separate TablesMrs Railton-Bell
1983The Killing of Sister George (No Photos)Madame Xenia
1981The House By The Lake (No Photos)Brenda
198040s Revue (No Photos)Those appearing
1980The Thwarting of Baron BolligrewPeasants
1978Hedda Gabler (No Photos)Miss Juliana Tesman
1977Thieves Carnival (No Photos)Wardrobe
1977Princess AscendingLady Harriett Scrope

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