HIADS Profile : Jenny Veal

HIADS Member: Jenny Veal

Offices Held

1986 - 1989


1988An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Director
1987Let's Go Back To Christmas (No Photos)Cast
1987Deathtrap (No Photos)Stage Manager
1987Hobson's Choice (No Photos)Front of House
1987Pack of Lies (No Photos)Barbara Jackson
1986Ali Baba and the Naughty Thieves (No Photos)Meddlesome Mulla
1986Death and the Maiden (No Photos)Director
1986Outside Edge (No Photos)Box Office
1986Frankenstein (No Photos)Front of House
1985The Magic Tinder Box (No Photos)Baroness Lassagne
1985Suddenly At Home (No Photos)Box Office
1985A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (No Photos)Sheila
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Front of House
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Box Office
1984Snow White ... and how many dwarfs?Bettina
1984Separate TablesDirector
1984Trio (No Photos)Chloe
1984Trio (No Photos)Lady Afton
1983Dial M For Murder (No Photos)Front of House
1983The Killing of Sister George (No Photos)Director
1983The Anniversary (No Photos)Karen
1983Noble Spaniard (No Photos)Front of House
1982The Unexpected Guest (No Photos)Front of House
1982Round & Round The Garden (No Photos)Annie
1982Two Short Plays (No Photos)Sister Anderson
1981The Rape of the Belt (No Photos)Front of House
1981The House By The Lake (No Photos)Stella
198040s Revue (No Photos)Those appearing
1979Cat on the Fiddle (No Photos)Lights
1979Bell, Book and Candle (No Photos)Gillian Holroyd
1978Dangerous Corner (No Photos)Freda Caplan
1978The Story Tellers (No Photos)Front of House
1977Thieves Carnival (No Photos)Lady Hurf
1977Mixed Doubles (No Photos)Audrey
1977News Revue (No Photos)Decorated by
1977Princess AscendingQueen Mary
1977The Owl and the Pussy Cat Went to See... (No Photos)Wardrobe
1976Judgement Day (No Photos)Mme Crevelli
1975The Killer Dies Twice (No Photos)Publicity
1974Twelfth Night (No Photos)Director
1974The Importance of Being Earnest (No Photos)Gwendolyn Fairfax

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