HIADS Profile : Derek Oakley

HIADS Member: Derek Oakley

Offices Held

President Emeritus
1997 - 2019
1969 - 1972


2008The SeagullSorin
2007A Bolt from the BluePublicity
2006Equally DividedProgrammes
2006On The RazzleProgrammes
2006In Search of the Snow QueenProgrammes
2005Nil by MouthHilary Keats
2005Nil by MouthProgrammes
2005Life after GeorgeProgrammes
2005Wait Until DarkPublicity
2005Table MannersProgrammes
2004Beauty and the Beast (No Photos)Programmes & Publicity
2004Uncle Vanya (No Photos)Telegin
2004Uncle Vanya (No Photos)Programmes
2004Wyrd SistersProgrammes
2004The MiserSeigneur Anselm
2004The MiserProgrammes
2004Out of OrderProgrammes
2004Snow White and the Seven? DwarfsProgrammes & Publicity
2003Dead White Males (No Photos)Col Judd
2003Dead White Males (No Photos)Programmes & Publicity
2003How the Other Half LovesPublicity
2003The Winslow BoyProgrammes
2003The Memory of WaterProgrammes
2003Sleeping BeautyPublicity
2002A Voyage Round My FatherHeadmaster
2002A Voyage Round My FatherProgrammes
2002Can't Pay Won't PayProgrammes & Publicity
2002HarveyProgrammes & Publicity
2002Amy's ViewProgrammes
2002The Owl and the Pussy CatProgrammes
2001Dead GuiltyProgrammes
2001HaywireSet Design
2001Our Country's GoodProgrammes
2000Sand CastlesProgrammes
2000A Murder is AnnouncedProgrammes
2000A Midsummer Night's DreamProgrammes
2000Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeDirector
2000Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeProgrammes
1998Travels with my Aunt (No Photos)Programmes
1998It Runs in the FamilyDirector
1998The Deep Blue SeaProgrammes
1998The Whales of AugustCast
1998Season's GreetingsProgrammes
1997The Cherry OrchardFirs
1997Murdered to DeathDirector
1996Toad of Toad Hall (No Photos)Cast
1996When We Are MarriedDirector
1995The Hollow (No Photos)Cast
1995Murder in Play (No Photos)Director
1995The Woman in WhiteProgrammes
1994The Importance of Being Earnest (No Photos)Merriman
1994Flare Path (No Photos)Lighting
1993Beyond Reasonable Doubt (No Photos)Cast
1992A Christmas Carol/Mary in Theatreland (No Photos)Cast
1992Noises Off (No Photos)Director
1991The Living Room (No Photos)Cast
1990The Birthday Party (No Photos)Petey
1990The Birthday Party (No Photos)Set Designed by
1990Confusions (No Photos)Director
1989Watcher in the Shadow (No Photos)Front of House and Publicity
1989Find The Lady (No Photos)Publicity & Front of House
1989The Day After The Fair (No Photos)Set Designed by
1989The Day After The Fair (No Photos)Publicity
1988Mr Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie (No Photos)Director
1988Mr Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie (No Photos)Set Designed and Built by
1988Mr Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie (No Photos)Publicity
1988Wild Goose Chase (No Photos)Lord Elrood
1988Wild Goose Chase (No Photos)Set Designed and Built by
1988Wild Goose Chase (No Photos)Publicity
1988An Evening With Noel Coward (No Photos)Set Designed and Built by
1988An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Set Design
1987Let's Go Back To Christmas (No Photos)Cast
1987Deathtrap (No Photos)Director
1987Deathtrap (No Photos)Set Design and Construction
1987Deathtrap (No Photos)Sound
1987Hobson's Choice (No Photos)Henry Horatio Hobson
1987Hobson's Choice (No Photos)Publicity
1987Pack of Lies (No Photos)Set Design and Construction
1986Ali Baba and the Naughty Thieves (No Photos)General Factotum
1986Ali Baba and the Naughty Thieves (No Photos)Publicity
1986Outside Edge (No Photos)Dennis
1986Outside Edge (No Photos)Set Design
1986Frankenstein (No Photos)Publicity
1985The Magic Tinder Box (No Photos)King Pomposidorum
1985The Magic Tinder Box (No Photos)Publicity
1985Suddenly At Home (No Photos)Director
1985A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (No Photos)Publicity
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Godfrey Pond
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Publicity
1984Snow White ... and how many dwarfs?King Flutterby
1984Snow White ... and how many dwarfs?Publicity
1984Separate TablesMr Fowler
1984Trio (No Photos)Cosmo Quinn
1983Barefoot in the Park (No Photos)Victor Velasco
1983Noble Spaniard (No Photos)Mr Justice Proudfoot
1982The Unexpected Guest (No Photos)Director
1982Round & Round The Garden (No Photos)Reg
1982Two Short Plays (No Photos)Dr Emerson
1982Post Horn Gallop (No Photos)Director
1981The House By The Lake (No Photos)Mr Howard
1980Wait Until DarkRoat
1980The Crucible (No Photos)Ezekiel Cheever
1980The Thwarting of Baron BolligrewSir Digby Vayne-Trumpington
1979Cat on the Fiddle (No Photos)Taxi Driver
1979Cat on the Fiddle (No Photos)Lights
1978Black Comedy (No Photos)Schupanzigh
1978The Story Tellers (No Photos)Cast
1977Thieves Carnival (No Photos)Director
1977Mixed Doubles (No Photos)The Lawyer
1977Mixed Doubles (No Photos)The Headmaster
1977The Owl and the Pussy Cat Went to See... (No Photos)Professor Bosh
1976Judgement Day (No Photos)Vasili Bassaraba
1971The Militants (No Photos)Director
1971The Physicists (No Photos)Johann Wilhelm Mobius
1971The Physicists (No Photos)Stage Design and Construction
1971The Tinder Box (No Photos)Assistant Stage Managers
1970The Browning Version/Harlequinade (No Photos)Doctor Frobisher
1970The Browning Version/Harlequinade (No Photos)Arthur Gosport
1970When We Are Married (No Photos)Alderman Joseph Helliwell
1970When We Are Married (No Photos)Set Design and Construction
1969Something Rings a Bell (No Photos)Charles Sellingham
1969Cradle Song (No Photos)Doctor
1969Cradle Song (No Photos)Stage Management
1967The Secret Tent (No Photos)Inspector Thornton
1967The Secret Tent (No Photos)Stage Management & Lighting
1967The Belles of Bow (No Photos)Stage Manager

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