HIADS Profile : Martin Stevens

HIADS Member: Martin Stevens

Offices Held

Honorary Life Member
1998 - 2000
Honorary Treasurer
2000 - 2002
2006 - 2008


2020LovesongSound Design
2019Murder In PlaySound
2019Dad's ArmyRailway Porter
2019Dad's ArmySound and Special Effects
2019Jungle BookSound Programming
2019The Hound of the BaskervillesSound Design & Operation
2019KindertransportSound Design
2019Goldilocks and the Three BearsSound designer
2018The Ghost TrainVoice of The Train Guard
2018The Ghost TrainSound and Special Effects
2018The Vicar of DibleySound Designer
2018Being of Sound MindSound
2018The Madness of George IIISound designer and operator
2017HomeSet Design & Construction
2017Prince CaspianSound Design & Operator
2017Dial M For MurderSound design and operation
2017Our Man In HavanaSound
2017Red Riding HoodSound Design
2016FrankensteinSound design and operation
2016One Man, Two GuvnorsSound
2016The Game's AfootSet décor
2016The LadykillersThe voice of the BBC
2016The LadykillersSound
2016Strictly Fairytale Come Dancing (No Photos)Sound Design
2015Panto At The OK CorralSound
2015Salt of the EarthSound
2015Dick Barton Special AgentSound
2015Don't Forget to be Awesome (No Photos)Sound Design
2015The Happiest Days of Your LifeDirector
2015The Happiest Days of Your LifeSound Operator
2015Wife After DeathSound
2015Jack and the BeanstalkVoice of Giant
2015Jack and the BeanstalkSound Design
2014The 39 StepsSound Design and Operation
2014Spider's WebSound Design
2014Alice in WonderlandSound design and operation
2014The MagistrateSound
2014Communicating DoorsSet Builders and Painters
2014Communicating DoorsSound Operator
2014Mother GooseSound Design
2013A Railway JourneySound Design and Operation
2013The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (No Photos)Sound Design
2013The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (No Photos)Voiceover Recordings
2012Calendar GirlsSet Design
2012Calendar GirlsSet Construction
2012Calendar GirlsSound Design & Operator
2012And Then There Were NoneSet Construction/Lighting/Sound
2012Wind in the WillowsSet Construction
2012Wind in the WillowsSound Design
2012MaskeradeSet Construction
2012Laburnum GroveSet Design
2012Laburnum GroveSet Construction
2012Laburnum GroveSound Design
2012A Christmas CarolDirector
2011It Could Be Anyone Of UsSet Construction
2011It Could Be Anyone Of UsSound
2011Tom JonesSet Design
2011Tom JonesSet Build
2011Tom JonesSound
2011Our Day OutSound Design and Operation
2011The CrucibleSound Design and Operation
2011The CrucibleSet Construction
2011Neville's IslandDJ
2011Neville's IslandSet Design and Construction
2011Neville's IslandSound Design & Operation
2011The Wizard of Oz (No Photos)Sound Design
2011The Wizard of Oz (No Photos)Set Builder
2010GethsemaneStage Management
2010GethsemaneSet design and construction
2010GethsemaneBackdrop Video
2010James and the Giant PeachSound Design
2010James and the Giant PeachSound Operator
2010The Importance of being EarnestSound Design
2010The Importance of being EarnestDecor
2010AmadeusSound Design
2010AmadeusSound Operator
2010AmadeusSet Construction and Decor
2010Ali Baba and the Forty ThievesSound Design
2010Ali Baba and the Forty ThievesSound Operator
2010Ali Baba and the Forty ThievesSet Construction
2009A Day in the Death of Joe EggSet Design
2009A Day in the Death of Joe EggSet Construction and Décor
2009A Day in the Death of Joe EggSound Design
2009A Day in the Death of Joe EggSound Operator
2009Hobson's ChoiceStage Manager
2009Hobson's ChoiceSet construction and décor
2009Hobson's ChoiceSound
2009Star Quest Galaxy WarsVoice of Narrator
2009Star Quest Galaxy WarsSound Design
2009'Allo 'Allo!Set Design
2009'Allo 'Allo!Set Construction and Decor
2009'Allo 'Allo!Sound
2009Play On!Sound
2009Play On!Set
2009Pinocchio (No Photos)Sound Design and Operator
2009Pinocchio (No Photos)Set Design
2009Pinocchio (No Photos)Construction Manager
2009Pinocchio (No Photos)Set Builder
2009Pinocchio (No Photos)Set Painter
2008The SeagullThe Set
2008The SeagullThe Sound
2008Was He Anyone (No Photos)Sound
2008The ConfederacySet Construction
2008The ConfederacySound
2008An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Set Design
2008An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Set Construction
2008An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Sound Designer
2008Arsenic and Old LaceSound Design and Operation
2008Cinderella and the Quest of the Golden SlipperSet Construction
2008Cinderella and the Quest of the Golden SlipperSound
2007The Glass MenagerieSet
2007The Glass MenagerieSound
2007Round and Round the GardenSound
2007Peggy the Pint Sized PirateLighting programming
2007Peggy the Pint Sized PirateSound Design
2007A Bolt from the BlueDirector
2007Murder by MisadventureSound
2007Robin HoodSound
2006Humble BoySet Design & Build
2006Humble BoySound Design
2006On The RazzleZangler
2006On The RazzleSet
2006I Thought I Heard A RustlingSet Design & Build
2006I Thought I Heard A RustlingSound
2006In Search of the Snow QueenSound
2006In Search of the Snow QueenMusic
2006In Search of the Snow QueenSet Construction
2005QuartetSet Construction
2005Nil by MouthSet Construction
2005Nil by MouthSound
2005Life after GeorgeSound
2005Wait Until DarkDirector
2005Wait Until DarkSet Design & Build
2005Wait Until DarkSound
2005Table MannersSet Build & Decor
2004Uncle Vanya (No Photos)A Workman
2004Uncle Vanya (No Photos)Stage Manager
2004Uncle Vanya (No Photos)Set Design
2004Wyrd SistersVoice of Demon
2004Wyrd SistersSound
2004Out of OrderSet Building and Decoration
2003How the Other Half LovesDirector
2003How the Other Half LovesSet Design & Build
2003How the Other Half LovesSound
2003The Winslow BoySet Build & Decoration
2003The Memory of WaterSet Build & Decoration
2003The Memory of WaterSound
2003Alarms and ExcursionsSet Build & Decoration
2003Alarms and ExcursionsSound
2003Sleeping BeautySet Construction
2003Sleeping BeautySound
2002A Voyage Round My FatherSet and Property Construction
2002A Voyage Round My FatherSound
2002Can't Pay Won't PaySet Construction & Design
2002HarveyStage Manager
2002HarveySound Design
2002Amy's ViewSound
2002She Stoops to ConquerSet
2002The Owl and the Pussy CatDirector
2002The Owl and the Pussy CatSet
2002The Owl and the Pussy CatSound Design
2001Dead GuiltySet Construction
2001HaywireSet Design
2001HaywireSet Construction
2001HaywireSound Design
2001Habeas CorpusMusic and Sound
2001Dick WhittingtonDirector
2001Dick WhittingtonSet Design, Build and Decorate
2000A Murder is AnnouncedInspector Craddock
2000Farndale Ladies Murder MysteryStage Manager
2000Farndale Ladies Murder MysterySet
2000Farndale Ladies Murder MysteryProgrammes
2000Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSet Construction
2000Lord Arthur Savile's CrimeSound
1999Aladdin and his Wonderful LampSound
1999Blood Money (No Photos)Sound
1999RumoursSet Construction
1999Cold Comfort FarmSound
1999Blithe SpiritDirector
1999Blithe SpiritLighting
1998Robinson CrusoeSound
1998Travels with my Aunt (No Photos)Henry Pulling
1998Travels with my Aunt (No Photos)Set Construction
1998It Runs in the FamilySound
1998The Deep Blue SeaSet Construction
1998The Deep Blue SeaSound
1998Season's GreetingsDirector
1998Season's GreetingsSet Design
1998Season's GreetingsSet Construction
1997CinderellaSet Construction
1997Murdered to DeathSound
1997Cider with Rosie (No Photos)Sound
1997Steel MagnoliasDirector
1997Steel MagnoliasCast
1996The Farndale Ladies Macbeth (No Photos)Cast
1994Flare Path (No Photos)Sound
1994The Forsyte Saga (No Photos)Cast
1993Granny's Christmas Dream (No Photos)Stage Manager
1993Beyond Reasonable Doubt (No Photos)Cast
1993Unexpected Tales/Stepping Out (No Photos)Lighting
1991The Living Room (No Photos)Cast
1991Cat's Cradle (No Photos)Sir Charles Cresswell
1990The Birthday Party (No Photos)McCann
1990Confusions (No Photos)Charles
1990Confusions (No Photos)Stage Manager
1990Confusions (No Photos)Set Construction by
1990Confusions (No Photos)Sound
1990Double Cut (No Photos)Vargas
1989Watcher in the Shadow (No Photos)Stage Manager
1989Watcher in the Shadow (No Photos)Sound
1989Find The Lady (No Photos)Sound
1988Wild Goose Chase (No Photos)Mr Capone
1988An Evening With Noel Coward (No Photos)Sound
1988An Inspector Calls (No Photos)Inspector Goole
1987Deathtrap (No Photos)Sidney Bruhl
1986Frankenstein (No Photos)Director
1986Frankenstein (No Photos)Victor Frankenstein
1985A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (No Photos)Bri
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Director
1985The Happiest Days of your Life (No Photos)Set
1984Separate TablesPrompt
1983Dial M For Murder (No Photos)Max Halliday
1983Barefoot in the Park (No Photos)Telephone Man
1983The Anniversary (No Photos)Director
1983Noble Spaniard (No Photos)Count de Moret
1982Round & Round The Garden (No Photos)Tom
1982Two Short Plays (No Photos)Mr Justice Millhouse
1982Post Horn Gallop (No Photos)Lord Elrood
1981The Rape of the Belt (No Photos)Stage Manager
1981The Rape of the Belt (No Photos)Set design and construction
1981The House By The Lake (No Photos)Maurice
1981The House By The Lake (No Photos)Sound
1981Blithe SpiritDirector
1981Lady Precious StreamSu, The Dragon General
1980The Crucible (No Photos)John Proctor
1979Cat on the Fiddle (No Photos)Arturo Cellini
1979Cat on the Fiddle (No Photos)Lights
1978Hedda Gabler (No Photos)Jorgen Tesman
1978The Story Tellers (No Photos)Cast
1977Mixed Doubles (No Photos)Director
1977News Revue (No Photos)Set Out by
1977The Owl and the Pussy Cat Went to See... (No Photos)Owl
1976Judgement Day (No Photos)Conrad Noli

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