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HIADS are always pleased to welcome new members to the society.

Are you interested in acting? We are always looking for new thespians and HIADS directors are normally very keen to try out new talent.

Have you an artistic flair? HIADS may be the perfect outlet for your skills - scenery painting, props, sign painting, wardrobe, etc.

Are your manual skills going to waste? Scenery building and props of various sizes are often built from scratch by our members. Also the Theatre itself requires constant maintenance.

Would you enjoy learning more about the technical side of performances? Lighting and Sound are essential to every event in the Theatre, so set-up and operation of the equipment is a valuable skill.

Do you have the skills to welcome and take care of our audience members? Perhaps you would enjoy getting involved with our friendly Front of House team.

Would you like to join the friendly HIADS team and get involved in 6 HIADS performances a year and support various other music and acting events at the theatre?

Types of Membership

There are the following types of Membership:

Full Membership

A Full member may take part in all activities of the Society, and vote in all General Meetings.



These are people or organizations who wish to support the Theatre in a financial way. They do not have voting rights at General Meeting, but receive Newsletters etc. and are welcome to take part in Social Activities. They may receive concessions at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Temporary Members

At the discretion of the Committee a person may be made a Temporary Member or the Society.

Student Members

Members who are in full time education. Student members have the same rights as full members, except that they do not become eligible to vote in General Meetings until they are sixteen (16) years old.

Type Annual Sub
Full Member £15
Patron £50 or more
Temporary Member Committee discretion
Student Member £10


For more details, please call (or email) our membership secretary on (023) 9246 5508, ( email: click to email) or call in or write us at the Theatre.

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