Oct 19, 2019

Do you want to be "Caught Red handed?"

The TV Show, 'Caught Red Handed' needs some local talent for filming in Southampton.

Category: General
Posted by: Brian

From: Charlie Humphreys | Researcher | Topical Television Limited

I'm part of a team currently making the eighth series of a BBC1 television programme called Caught Red Handed, based in Southampton.
The programme follows various cases from the UK where technology, like surveillance cameras, have helped to stop a crime or wrongdoing and have ultimately led to a conviction. Showing the good work that both the police and public are doing to tackle crime.
I am emailing as we are looking for actors, one male and one female, for one of the stories in our show.
We are looking for someone to play a silhouette for an interview.
We are looking for males and females, aged between 65-80 and have or can do a welsh accent.
We can help with travel from the local area to us and a little bit of money can be given to them for their contribution. The date for filming is most likely going to be around the week starting October 28th.

I hope that you can help us with this request and that you have actors that fit this description. They can contact me at charlie.humphreys@topical.co.uk for more information.


Additional: This is for a silhouette role for one of our stories and would be for one day for a couple of hours, 1-2 hours, on the week starting October 28th. We will know the correct date on Monday 21st for shooting and the actors will be reimbursed traveling and paid over minimal wage on the day.