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Directed by Tony Johnson.

Here is his audition notice:


Dead Ringer by Charles Ross

Thank you for showing an interest in this production of “Dead Ringer”. I hope it will be as well received at the Station Theatre as my previous production of “Two into One”.
The Station Theatre is an excellent venue for this kind of show. With your help, we can bring our audience something very special.

Dead Ringer is a comedy thriller set in an office of Number 10, post Margaret Thatcher years. The popular Prime Minister falls down dead days before a General Election, and an identical actor is brought in to take his place and drag the party over the line.

Read through

An opportunity to hear the play performed in full will take place on Monday 12th February at 7.30pm, at the Station Theatre. Please use the stage door to join us in the green room if no one is at the main foyer entrance.


Auditions will be held at the Station Theatre from 7.30pm on Monday 19th February. There is no need to prepare anything. We will simply have some time together to see how well we work with each other, and maybe see how some pairings match up.

If you are offered a role, you will be asked to become a HIADS member on a temporary basis if you are not already one. This will cost nothing, and you can decide following the production if you would like to continue with the company.


Rehearsals will be at the Station Theatre Hayling Island, unless an event is being held, in which case an alternative venue will be found prior to that rehearsal.

Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 19th March until 2nd May

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7th May until 30th May.

Tech/dress week is 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th June (evenings)

Show opens 11th June, running each evening, closing on the night of 15th June.


Randolph Bolton (M)– The PM. A no-none sense confident figure. Popular with the electorate. Respected by his cabinet. This actor will also play Gerry Jackson. An actor who looks exactly like Randolph. 

Frances Cowdray (F) – Leader of the House and Minister for the Arts. A woman with direction and cunning. Capable keeping her head in a crisis.

Dick Marr (M) – The Home Secretary. He co-operates more than he leads, but does stand his ground when needs to, more so in issues of power and status.

Nigel Haywood (M) – The PM’s private secretary. Smart, efficient. Has a soft spot for the PM.

Ray Turnbull (M) – The Foreign Secretary. Northerner with strong political backing. He has the longer career than the PM, but has not gained the same public support as him. He has ambitions unfulfilled.

Eva Bolton (F) – The long-suffering wife of Randolph. She enjoys playing the political game with our MPs, especially once Gerry is on the scene.

Colonel Hardacre (M) – A disciplined servant to the PM, who acts as detective for the purposes of our play, and leads events the their conclusions.


Should you have any further questions, please email me if you cannot directly message me over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


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