Auditions for 'Normal'

Auditions to commence shortly

Performances 24, 25 and 26 June

Poppy has developed a tic. A twitch. A spasm. It spreads through her body, then her group of
school friends and before long, the whole town. nobody can explain it, but as the disease spreads, the
community begins to fracture along lines that turn into deep fissures. Who or what is to blame?
And how are they going to fix it?
Inspired by the true story of ‘the town that caught Tourette’s’, this new play is dark, provocative,
theatrically inventive.

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Cast of characters

POPPY WILLIAMS - Teenage Girl 

SKY - Poppy’s best friend

HEATHER - Poppy’s Mum -

MS HOLT - School Principal


SASHA - Poppy’s Friend-ish

LUCY PORTER - Mother of Sasha

SHOP GIRL - Shop Girl


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