Jan 2, 2020

Reading : Ladies Day

A read through of this entertaining play.

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Posted by: Brian

Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington (directed by Linda MacDonald)

Reading is Monday 27th April

Casting is Friday 1st May        

Production is 1st-8th August

Characters: These age ranges have some flexibility

Pearl: Mid/late 50’s early 60’s = A caring married woman who harbours a secret

Jan: Mid/late 40’s = A rather prim lady, divorced and a devoted mum who hides a passion

Shelley: 20’s – 30’s = Loud, brash and tartie with aspirations to be a celebrity

Linda: 20’s – 30’s = Naive, caring, rather old fashioned and loves Tony Christie

The following 6 men’s parts can be played by 2 or 3 actors and ages can be slightly flexible

Joe: 40’s – 50’s = Factory supervisor (in 2 scenes)

Jim: 30’s – 50’s = TV pundit, with a huge ego and an eye for the women (in 3 scenes + voice over)

Patrick: 30’s = A disgruntled Irish jockey (in 1 scene)

Barry: 50’s – 60’s = A helpful bookie who isn’t what he seems (in 1 scene)

Fred: = A ticket tout & Kevin: = A gambler (ideally played by same actor as just a couple of pages) 

Ladies Day is a comedy drama about four very different ladies who work in a fish factory in Hull. To celebrate Pearl’s pending retirement (so they think), they ditch their overalls and dress up to the nines for a day at the races when Royal Ascot relocates to York. A lucky find gets them free entry into a completely different world. Out for a drink, a flirt and a flutter chance meetings change everything and each one reveals more about themselves as the day’s events unfold. Their friendships are tested but stay strong, even when and their luck runs out and fortune is tossed to the wind. Or is it?

For any additional information contact Linda on 02392466907 / 07754854166 or email lindamac45970@gmail.com

Look forward to seeing a massive turn out for reading and casting!